Village House Restoration and Renovation in Le Marche Italy

Published: 13th June 2008
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Restoring old historic and unloved village houses in rural Italy is one of the most satisfying tasks you can undertake in today's property market.

Unlike the in the UK, in rural Le Marche there are still thousands of unoccupied and dilapidated village houses located in hilltop villages throughout the region.

The restoration and rebuilding of these beautiful houses mainly in the historic centres of the many hilltop villages throughout Le Marche is a much less onerous task than tackling the complete rebuilding and renovation of an isolated farmhouse with land.

Up until recently most foreign buyers were only interested in the dream of purchasing and restoring a large farmhouse set in several hectares of land. But in the past two years attitudes have started to change and now many buyers of property in Le Marche have increasingly turned to buying villages houses instead.

A large increase in prices of country houses with land has led many clients of mine to start thinking out of the box and to consider buying village houses for use as a holiday home or for holiday rental purposes. In some cases clients have bought large townhouses and now use them to run successful agriturismi and bed and breakfasts and to leave the UK and move to Italy permanently .

Where only a year or so ago buying this type of property would have been dismissed without a second thought, today they are gaining in popularity. Perhaps it is not surprising that many foreign buyers are now looking to purchase Townhouses in pretty villages and towns as a means of owning a property in Italy and enjoying the Italian lifestyle, but without the high cost of restoring and then maintaining a large country property.

Many of the builders in Le Marche have in the building boom of the past five years solely concentrated on the renovation and rebuilding of derelict country properties, normally farmhouses with land and of the typical Le Marche design. Village houses were rarely sold to foreign buyers and Italians usually had very little interest in them, however inexpensive they were to buy. So in most villages there were many historic and beautiful Townhouses literally falling into disrepair and indeed literally falling down in some cases.

Now since the new interest in village houses, on a visit to most of the historic Le Marche hilltop villages and small towns, a visitor will notice many properties and indeed whole streets undergoing restoration. Indeed now it can be seen that whole villages are beginning to come back to life with new buyers transforming what were only recently decaying properties and the local population now also taking a renewed interest in their heritage.

As interest by foreign buyers and sales of village houses has increased, some local builders have started to specialise once again in the restoration of small village houses and this trend seems to be increasing.

I know of two experienced teams of artisans in my area of southern Le Marche and now frequently use their services in the restoration of village properties in the Fermo area.

Hopefully the growth of skilled teams of craftsmen will continue, and the skills and knowledge of previous generations of artisans will no longer be in danger of being lost forever.

If you are considering taking the plunge and are to buy a village property in a hilltop village or town, the I strongly recommend that a structural survey be carried out, and these are usually much cheaper than in the UK. Then ask others who have recently restored similar properties about their experiences and then always only use recommended builders to work on your property.

Lastly before any contracts for works are signed, always visit several properties on which the builder has previously done work, see the quality of the craftsmanship and finish obtained and then decide if this is the person to use on your own property.

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